Harry Balloch

Tauranga Sales Specialist

Harry prides himself on working for his client and achieving the best result all round. “Going the extra mile” for his client is something that Harry puts in practice with ease



Happy clients in Bellevue 

Selling our home with Harry was the best decision we could have made! Harry truly took into consideration what would be the best way to sell our property, worked in true partnership with us and prioritised our needs at all times. As this was our first home/first sale and with a 6 month old baby, I assumed this was going to be a very stressful period of my life but it was far from it! With Harry by our side it was actually a really happy and exiting time! As a bonus he helped us secure our dream home in the same week as our own auction!!
100% recommend Harry for all your residential purchases and sales.
Thanks Harry!

Sarah and Kane


Harry is one of those legends rare in the real estate game. Not many you can trust but not so with Harry. I'd trust him with all my loose change, heck, I'd trust him with a fiver! In fact we gave him our front door key and he went and sold our house. Use him, abuse him, but don't lose him. Harry I can recommend.

A Renalson